Satyawati College, University of Delhi

Tenders & Quotations

  • Bid for canteen service in Satyawati College.
  • Inviting e-Tender Notice Providing and fixing Collapsible Shutter at G.F. & F.F. at Satyawati College.
  • Making provision of compost pit in nursery area, Satyawati College.
  • Providing fencing around the lawn near flat no 1, Satyawati College.
  • Quotations are invited for the sale of waste papers, old newspapers, books, old magazines and raddi from Satyawati College.
  • Bid regarding Hiring of Sanitation Services.
  • Inviting e-Tender Notice Misc. repair/finishing work in flat no.1, Housing Complex,Satyawati College.
  • Inviting e-Tender Notice for making provision for NCC room in Sports Complex ,Satyawati College.
  • Inviting quotation for providing and laying of HT cable 3 core 240 sqmm, Satyawati College.
  • Inviting regarding Repair plaster and distempering/painting work in the Satyawati College.
  • Inviting quotation for providing and fixing tactile tiles from Main Gate to Entrance(Porch), Satyawati College.
  • Inviting quotation for providing and laying floor tiles, window blinds and repair/finishing work in Room No.10 ground floor, Satyawati College.
  • Bid for 11 AC in Library.
  • Bid for AC Plant in Auditorium.
  • Bid for Housekeeping Services.
  • Inviting Quotation for printing of ID card.
  • Bid for AC plant in Auditorium.
  • Tender Notice for printing of College Prospectus 2023-24.
  • Inviting Quotation for Annual Maintenance contract of Computer System and Networking System of the Library, Satyawati College.
  • Notice for BID on GeM regarding Senitation/Housekeeping Service.
  • Quotation for Repair of Seepage/Leakage in the toilet Block, Satyawati College.
  • Quotation for Binding fot the year 2023-24.
  • Corrigendum for front portion/porch roof of auditorium.
  • Notice regarding Empanelment of contractors for Civil/Electrical Work.
  • Notice regarding Quotation for printing of Annual Report
  • Notice regarding Quotation for A.C AMC.
  • Notice regarding empanelment of contractors for Civil/Electrical Work.
  • Arun Giri