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I welcome the young brilliant minds capable of becoming the future leaders who will finally become the responsible citizens of the nation.I would like to stress on the spirit of our college that embodies the thoughts,speeches and acts of an ardent freedom fighter, Satyawati Devi. Satyawati College focuses on the overall educational and social development of the students as well as encourages them to work hard to carve out a niche for themselves in their chosen fields. The college is committed not only to provide good academic experience but also to provide exposure to the students to various co curricular and extra curricular activities. We have various student societies that make the college a lively and dynamic place.Through these activities creative and critical thinking is inculcated in the students. We motivate our students to excel in all spheres of education.I wish all a successful life ahead.Welcome to the portal of Satyawati College, University of Delhi. The Satyawati fraternity is devoted to provide a challenging and fulfilling learning experience. Our teachers are progressively incorporating newer pedagogical strategies to equip every learner with contemporary knowledge and skills. We also recognize the need for radical transformation of classroom teaching through creative engagements beyond mainstream in a broad co-curricular offering. The college boasts of dynamic societies engaged in nurturing intellectual, aesthetic and cultural pursuits necessary for the overall development of students. A considerable investment has been made for embedding latest technological facilities with infrastructural improvements on existing structures such as auditorium, seminar room, library resource center, computer labs, sports ground etc. The college acknowledges the demand for professional grooming of students; hence we offer diverse career options through Foreign Language Diploma Courses, Career Counseling and Mentoring Placements. Our NCC, NSS units, Equal Opportunity Cell and Women Development Cell nurture a deep consciousness of humanism and selfless