Welcome to Satyawati College


My dear students,
Greetings to all admission seekers! Every new academic year of Delhi University witnesses a flux of enthusiastic aspirants wanting to pursue an academic course preferably of their choice. What is disappointing, however, is that more often than not, little thought is given to the rationale behind the actual choice made, whether of the course of study or of the institution offering the course concerned. What is important is that candidates ensure that their choice either way is not unduly influenced or even dictated by external forces including among other things, parental/peer pressure and unreasonable status consciousness. We, at Satyawati College, have always endeavored to enable all aspirants to make a conscious and considered decision in respect of their academic interests. We only hope that all such aspirants will venture forth with an open mind without Compromising on what they genuinely desire to achieve in their quest for success and satisfaction in life. The prospective candidates may feel assured that our college does not compromise on academic quality, student discipline and safety.

With all my good wishes




Dr. Satender Kumar Joshi